DC-Beheer BV is a leader in fire safety in the Netherlands. Our company has extensive experience with fire safety and knowledge regarding fire safety regulations. We work closely with regulators and are familiar with inspection procedures. We also have excellent relationships with a variety of service providers who can assist you in improving the safety of your building.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you and your company ensure that all of your properties are both safe and in compliance. Our services include inspection of your building for possible fire safety violations, assistance with bringing your building into compliance and providing ongoing advice regarding fire safety maintenance.

We provide clear and practical solutions for the long-term fire safety of your building. We can work with contractors, service providers and inspectors to ensure your building meets all fire safety regulation. This can range from advising you on choosing a contractor for your project to overseeing your building construction.

By choosing DC-Beheer for all of your fire safety needs, you are taking the right step towards the long-term fire safety of your property.